Princess Diana’s visit to Barley Wood 23rd May 1989                  Photographs frame grabs from VHS video taken at the occasion
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Ken Collins, Chairman of Wrington Parish Council, one of the reception committee, being presented to Princess Diana on her visit to the Treatment Centre at Barley Wood.
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Head Alan Kirkpatrick and a pupil tune in to BBC Radio Bristol The front of Barley Wood Deputy-head Jenny Leyton Through the wall ... ... and into the refreshments marquee Will she be arriving soon ? Ken Collins and the school secretary Trekking up School Road ... ... and Long Lane Police vehicles at the entrance ... Now, where are we all going to sit ... Mrs Rosemary Hodges "May I see the contents of your bag, madam ... Chairmen of Woodspring and Wrington Parish Council ... ... and their wives ... The Head stoops to snap Is there anything I've forgotten to prepare for ? Here's her car ... ... and out she gets Mrs Eve Collins is presented  ... ... and local cameras catch the moment ... Arrival of police vans alert the TV crews to an imminent arrival ... ... and she's gone ... Ahhh ... one last wave ...
Barley Wood’s big day  The history of Barley Wood includes being home to Hannah More, the Wills Family, and the headquarters of the Mitie Group. Today’s event was probably the most prestigious in all those years. A large crowd of people walked up Long Lane, the whole school, including the Head, Alan Kirkpatrick, and Deputy-head, Jenny Leyton, were bussed up at 11.43am, and among the local dignitaries were the Chairmen of the Parish Council and Woodspring, the predecessor authority to North Somerset Council. As everyone had to be in their places well before the princess’s arrival, the children were given refreshments in a marquee. Police ensured bags were clear of suspicious contents, and there were flags a-plenty. The three-car cavalcade swept up the drive on the dot of 1 o’clock, a bouquet was presented, the princess disappeared to be shown around the house. It was all over !
A bouquet is handed over ..