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Mrs Millard – boot & shoe shop. The notice of closure was already on the front door as Mrs Millard talks about having joined her husband in the shop, passed down to him by his father, after their marriage. Janet Bell – Country Fresh. Oliver Perks, seen buying guinea pig food, had also started photographing the shops known to be closing. His photos are kept in the All Saints’ Archive. Chris Clark drives his tractor from Court Farm through Broad Street. John Fear’s van is parked in Broad Street. He learned his trade working for Angus Spalding. John’s daughter Suki was one of the first people to contact the website after its launch, from her home in Texas. It was she who proposed the idea of the Schmoose page. She was particularly grateful to the then Wrington Choral Society (see Volume 3) for exposing her to the joys of choral singing early in life. Alan Pearce – butcher. His wife, Sue, talks about her deli department in Volume 3. Trevor Wedlake – butcher. As a choirboy at All Saints’ he developed a deep love of Anglican chant. In his day, the organ was pumped by hand rather than, as now, electrically. He was the last person to do this job. From his shop window he kept a constant watch on the toings and froings in the churchyard - which has never been so safe ! Horace Ashman’s annual service as Chairman, Woodspring, with Sir John Wills, Lord Lieutenant of Avon. Horace was Wrington’s councillor on Woodspring District Council (predecessor to North Somerset) Annual show in the Memorial Hall Baptism of Caryl Overington’s first baby Her father and Mother, Ian & Dorothy, lived in Prory House opposite the lych gate. Ian was Choirmaster at All Saints’ for many years. He is seen organising the choir in the vestry before the Woodspring service (above). Len Bendall – chemist, talks about his father-in-law’s surprise 80th birthday party, and the continuing interest in Morris dancing. He’s seen leading a Morris team one August evening outside The Crown Inn, The Batch, Churchill.
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