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School – retirement of Marion Dutfield and Paul Temple. Marion had been the school Lollipop Lady for many years. She lived in The Triangle. Her brother is Laurence Croucher, formerly sexton of All Saints’. Read her memories of her first day at school in 1947. Paul Temple was an extremely popular headteacher, with pupils, staff and parents alike. He still runs a musical group called (British) Bulldog. When he retired from teaching he ran a very successful care home in Westion-super-Mare, and now lives in the house where he was born in a south Wales village. He also took over running a charity, the Luhimba Project [see their website], founded by Michael Carey, a highly qualified emgineer, who retired to Wrington.        Eddie Hardwick – Kingcott’s garage, which became Wrington Motors. Sue Pearce – Deli. This shows the other half of the Pearce Butcher’s premises seen in Volume 1 Len Bendall - this time talking about the trials and tribulations of his job, especially the introduction of IT. Drama club – rehearsal of Once upon a Time, directed by Peter Dukes, January, 1988. Many of the cast are still active members of the Drama Club, including Alan Milne, showing early promise of his theatrical career to come. Annual parish meeting March 1988 in the Memorial Hall, at time when a noticeably higher proportion of residents regularly attended than in more recent times. The questioner on this occasion was Miss Vera Perry of Station Road (d.6th November, 2012) drawing attention to the highly peculiar system of numbering of The Glebe, which makes it difficult for strangers to find their way to any particular address by following the numbering. The Chairman, Ken Collins (also long-time churchwarden of All Saints’) was on the platform accompanied by David Miles, Parish Clerk, and Roy Clements (farmer) Deputy Chairman. Wrington Choral Society was formed by Francis Ham in 1947. Francis was was a very able musician, having been at Christ Church, Oxford, Choir School contemporaneously with Sir William Walton, and having won a music prize there. He continued to conduct the Society for many years after he and his family left Wrington. When the Society celebrated its Diamond Jubilee, two of its founder members were still singing regularly - Essie Clark and Vera Perry. On 7th September, 2009, it was very sadly unanimously agreed that the Choral Society should be wound up, because the number of members had reduced to a point where it was no longer viable. This volume ends with a performance, conducted by the Musical Director, John Gadsden, in the Memorial Hall, in March, 1988 of Linden Lea by Vaughan-Williams.
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