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Track 1 11'“ June, 1989 Land’s End to John O’Groats Filmed in Cam and Brian Beck’s garden in Garston’s Close. The driver, Irene Carter, a Wl member from Sancreed, Cornwall, was stopping in Wrington for the night, whilst her pony was taken to Sally Busby’s stables in Shipham. She was interviewed by Mervyn Davies, local reporter for the Weston Mercury. Track 2 14“ June, 1989 Wrington School Summer Concert The last such musical occasion produced by Rosemary Hodges before she retired from school, a fact acknowledged by Head, Alan Kirkpatrick. Track 3 18“ July, 1989 Retirement of Eve Collins & Rosemary Hodges. Presentations by the Rector, the Revd Derek Hooper, and former Head, Harry Dyke. Track 4 26“ November, 1989 Lillian Millard places her archive of Hannah More material in the safe-keeping of the church. Lillian had made the study of Hannah More her life’s work. Her booklet on the lives of John Locke and Hannah More is available to read on-line  This presentation to the Rector of all her research material was made after readings by a Bristol group of Hannah More enthusiasts who re-enact aspects of her life in costume. Track 5 6“ January, 1990 Joseph & his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. A chorus from that winter’s production by Wrington Drama Club, starring Alan Milne as Joseph. Track 6 24“ March, 1990 Painting for Pleasure exhibition. Marjorie Kinsman describes how the group was originally formed by the Wl. Track 7 WI Drama Club members rehearse Bill and Ben, the 3 being Marjorie Kinsman, Marion Hurford, and Veronica Thorn Track 8 A final chorus from Joseph, with Alan Milne joined by Zoe Maitland, Peter Jones, & Veronica Hinton.
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