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Do you want to promote and develop your business? Do you run a small business or are you an independent trader? Are you keen to promote your business further with a website, adverts, flyers and promotional leaflets? You have the ideas, the information and photos all ready to go, but are struggling to write the text to promote your business? My name is Penny Gunter, and I have over 10 years of sales and marketing experience for global pharmaceutical companies, and I currently run my own practice as an Equine Sports Therapist. However, I have never quite managed to let go of the sales professional in me, and during the past few years I have helped a number of friends with the marketing and promotion of their businesses through writing information for websites, adverts, flyers and editorials. I can help you promote your business by writing material from scratch, or by reviewing existing copy to help make it more effective. Aimed at small businesses, my fees are therefore very affordable. To find out more, and see examples of my work, please give me a call on 01934 863233 or 07974 250098. Penny Gunter
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