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YOGA IN WRINGTON YOGA IN YOUR HOME PRIVATE TUITION Sometimes individual attention makes the difference. You might want a private class as a way of starting yoga before joining a group class, or perhaps an injury or illness makes public group classes too difficult, or you might just prefer one-to-one classes. Everything is possible – these yoga classes are tailor-made to suit the client.. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~    GARY OSBORN-CLARKE  teaches yoga and meditation. His style of teaching is based on the flowing style of Ashtanga Vinyasa, the anatomical detail of Iyengar’s style, the mindfulness of Buddhist meditation, and the traditional teachings of pranayama (the art of breath control). He teaches in North Somerset and Bristol – offering group weekly classes, workshops and private lessons for individuals and small groups. As he lives in Wrington he is available to be booked for private lessons. For more information contact Gary at <> call: 0789 903 4645  or visit his website: <>
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From the Village Journal, October, 2012 Almost 10 years ago I was taking part in a one month yoga retreat, near Rishikesh in India, when my yoga teacher said something that at the time, and still to this day, sums up the practice of yoga. He said quite simply: "We are here to get rid of what we don't need." There are many reasons why people practise yoga and we might have different reasons for starting, but most of us seek the same goals: to feel better about ourselves, feel healthier and to enjoy life more. Basically we all want to be content and happy. Yoga approaches this better state of being by using exercises - principally physical exercises, breathing techniques and meditation - to help us get rid of the obstacles that hold us back from reaching what we desire: to feel better in our body and mind. In other words, by removing the negative features of our life (getting rid of what we don't need) we create space for the positive to come into our lives. These unwanted ingredients in our life could be an unhealthy body and lifestyle, or it could be stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression due to difficulties at work or in the family. Perhaps we find it difficult to concentrate and stay focused - in our modern world, with multi-media and social media, it is no wonder that we can feel distracted. In essence yoga helps to bring balance to our lives. I have been practising yoga for more than 17 years and have been teaching yoga since 2002. I teach most of my classes in the Bristol area, but after moving to Wrington last year I decided to start yoga classes in the village. Since April I have been teaching two classes per week on Tuesdays at the Scout and Guide Hall, on School Road, next to Debbie Fortune estate agents. There is a morning class: 9.30-10.30am, £7, and an evening class, 7-8.30pm, £8.50. I supply mats and equipment. Both classes are open to everyone and there is no booking - just come along, and if you have any questions, do contact me. Perhaps you cannot make the classes, in which case, I also offer private classes in homes. My website has more information:    email:    or call 07899034645. Gary Osborn-Clarke
Article in Wrington Journal October 2012