Click thumbnail to enlarge Welcome to the pantomime Arrival of the Emperor and Empress "There's going to be a huge celebration ..." "They'll give it away ..." Abenazar the nasty ... ... makes some horrible threats  ... and schemes with his sidekick, Won Tun ... He offers Widow Twanky the dreams of avarice .. ... so she persuades Aladdin to follow Abenazar .. ... but he doesn't want to miss the Emperor's party ... .. so he dons a disguise .. .. Aladdin falls for Martini .. .. and Ting Ming reflects on her lack of a soul mate The Emperor checks his list of things to do .. .. and he's tricked into entering the cave where the lamp is .. .. and he has only skeletons for campanions .. The Guards ... and their Sarge ... .. Aladdin takes tips from the Genie about approaching Martini .. Martini's first suitor, the Marquis of Polo ... .. and her second, the milk Sheikh .. .. Abenazar tries to make the Emperor an offer he can't refuse .. .. Aladdin pines for Martini, and Wishy Washy pines for Ting Ming .. The Genie and Aladdin plan to save Martini .. .. who's been collared by Abenazar ..  .. he escapes with the lamp and the aid of the Genie of the Ring .. and the Genie shadows Won Tun .. Abenazar tricks the Widow to part with the lamp .. Abenazar becomes very handy .. .. but finds the Genie's been following him closely .. .. Martini spurns Aladdin's advances for his lack of cash .. .. which the Empress thinks requires a small fortune .. .. the Genie makes some helpful suggestions .. .. and in the laundry Wishy Washy and the Widow feel overlooked .. .. Inspector Chu leads his forces of law and order on the case .. .. who finalises his plans for Martini with Won Tun .. .. but hardly convinces her .. Aladdin and the Genie finalise their plans .. The Genie of the Ring joins forces with the Genie of the Lamp .. .. and Aladdin and Martini consider an improvement in relations .. .. but Martini tells her dad to declare Aladdin a Prince .. ... which he does .. .. and that just leaves the problem of Abenazar to tie up .. .. and when Abenazar chickens out, Aladdin wishes the genies all the best .. .. which please them no end ..

Aladdin clips from Richard Thorn on Vimeo.

.. the Emperor gets some new clubs .. Widow Twanky regrets Aladdin's departure with Abenazar .. .. except that it is the end .. for everyone. Good night. .. Wishy Washy and the Widow resume their search .. Abenazar looks for the Widow to whom Aladdin's entrusted the lamp .. "The pubs won't sell beer ..." .. while Martini and Ting Ming try keeping their spirits up .. .. and she decides diamonds are her best friend .. .. whose pet rat he's knocked off .. and says he should be boiled in oil .. Princess Martini and Ting Ming ... Review