Cast Renee Savage / Lady Cholmondley Echo Irving Tim Fermor / Major Rodney Pirbright Michael Berkley Ginette Vincent / Virginia Cholmondley Sarah Osman Christa D’Amato / Mrs. Puttock Liz Thomas Sophie Lawton / Triggs Kate Morley Harrison Bracewell / Mr. Papadopoulos Peter Langley Boris Smolensky            Peter Jones Pat            Margaret Morris                                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Production Team Director       Mark Bullen Producer       Don Guy Backstage          Don Guy, Simon Medd, Barry Sale Lighting/Sound  Dom Cook Set Design/         Mark Bullen, Don Guy, Peter Jones, Construction      Peter Langley, Julie Kingcott Prompt       Sue Bendall Props &               Chris Parnham, Veronica Thorn, Furniture       Peter Langley, Alan Tanner Costumes       Valerie Langley Make-up       Stephanie Milne, Maggie Carpenter, Sue Bendall Hair       Sue Cross, Suzi Downs Publicity       Steve Osman Programme       Steve Osman Poster       John Graham Tickets       Steve Osman Front of House   Jim Swords Bar       Jim Swords, Pat Lewis, Rebecca Bryce Refreshments    Jill Cowgill and helpers
Click thumbnail to enlarge Papadopoulos is a cad and a horsewhipping is what he deserves .. Major Pirbright, we should be gracious to those not fortunate enough to be British .. Oh, Rodney, you're so brave ... My Lady, a carving knife has gorn missing ... ... I have been .. murdered ... .. that was terrible .. terrible .. Could you help relieve me of the dagger ... I'm not the sort of actress to hold anything back ... I want more from all .. all of you ... If I find so much as one bottle ... I'm staying out of the dressing room until the pondweed smell's gone ... Morris, I know all about you and Ginette ... It's not easy to play somebody simple ... .. this is a man's work ... This kept me going when I was doing Harley's Hotel ... .. my public's lives are not the same ... .. the theatre was always my first love ... .. my public remembers me very well .. I remember Ralph Richardson had to shoot someone once  ... Don't you ever upstage me again ... ha, yes ... .. there you are ... .. the thought of three more months of this ... I was looking for Renee ... .. if you want to be in tatty productions all your life ... .. yes, the garden is my only interest now ... Your whole play's crap and you know it ... ... some hideous black cloud appears in my dreams ... Boris has this sense of ensemble ... Pat, do get that door to keep closed .. I'll thank you to take your greasy palm off my fiancée's hand ... ... don't mention the war ... .. that's where you became a hero ... ... oh, the dreadful experience of war ... I've got the job in New York ... .. we all did things in our youth to be ashamed of ... ... shall I let one out, then ? ... sorry, what's the line ? Mrs Puttock, we must answer evil with evil ... .. do you always get nervous on first nights ? Morris, did you remember the decanter ... ? Mrs Puttock go to the kitchen and pour yourself a large cooking sherry .. She's gorn oh, oh, arrgh ... .. a sinister laugh, of course. Ha .. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ... Act 2