www.wrington.net Review from Village Journal July/August, 2011 The Wrington Drama Club's Spring production was a double bill of David Tristram plays. First up was 'The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish'. Alice and Henry Smith are a married couple who step in and out of each others' fantasy worlds with bewildering rapidity. By turns farcical and moving, the subtle performances of Kate Morley and Michael Berkley, and Mark Bullen's sharp direction, had us on the edge of our seats. After the interval we were then treated to 'Last Panto in Little Grimley', the sequel to 'Last Tango…' which WDC performed here five years ago, and in which the same four characters are still squabbling over their next production, 'Puss in Boots'. Peter Jones was Gordon, the manipulative would-be director, Pat Milne was ditsy cack-handed Joyce, Peter Langley played bananamunching Brummie Bernard, and Margaret Morris was accident-prone Margaret. This dysfunctional quartet, again directed by Mark Bullen, brought the evening to a hilarious close, with Pat, looking like a cross between Puss and a French maid, singing a snatch from 'The Sound of Music', as the rest of the cast sprawled about the stage... The two plays together made for a thoroughly enjoyable evening's entertainment. It is a real shame that the effort and enthusiasm of the director, cast and crew did not attract the bigger audiences they really deserved. ST