www.wrington.net Following this weekend, the highlight of which was the French evening at The Plough, two of our visitors from Villeneuve, Prof & Mrs Edgar Papp, sent this letter to Wrington, via John Adams, Chairman of the Twinning Association Villeneuve-lès-Béziers, 18.10.2011 Chers amis Wringtoniens, Now we are back in VN and want to express you once more our grateful greetings. Your welcome was so overwhelming that it will be difficult to answer in the same way during the féria next year in VN. But we will do our best... When we arrived, John A and Richard T were waiting for us and in a few moments we had been in the houses of our friendly hosts. We personally had no problems to talk and soon there was an intensive conversation to know from both sides who we are:  we are now so glad to have some more basic and personal information about Wrington, the committee, the way of living in your homes, and most of all - of you and your families. Soon we felt at home. After a few moments of rest we had been invited to the dinner in the house of Judith and Philip Kinsman: They had prepared a delicious meal of venison which we ate with great delight. Nor will I forget the delicious cream prepared by Echo Irving. Since we drink no alcohol I cannot appreciate the quality of the wine. But since all were happy and began to sing at the end of this evening, the wine must have been good. And Judith and Phil showed us a sample of their art of dancing the Sevillana and the flamenco and to make noise with the castagnetas, Xavier tried but did not succeed. On the next day, on Saturday there was the Rugby match in the morning which we watched at the Golden Lion (with the aid of the Wringtonians France won against Wales!!!). In the afternoon we had an excursion to Wells where we were very impressed by the mighty cathedral and also of the pretty town (bishop's garden, market and the many shops). In a small restaurant we had a dinner together with our kind 'taxidrivers' Echo and John Adams. Ingrid and I were together with Echo who showed us the sights of the town and to Ingrid the jeweleries. Thanks, Echo! - in the evening we had a delicious meal in the Adams' house, prepared by Cassie. We admired the taste of the vegetable imported directly from the garden. I will not forget the main dish, the delicious fruit dessert, and the wine. Then we began to sing once more!) Sunday morning was also beautiful and Roger Owen took Ingrid, Jean, Xavier and me to the hills south of Wrington and later to Clevedon and the mouth of Severn. We walked together on the bridge, had a coffee and came back in right time to have lunch with Valerie and John Urquhart: it's difficult to remember the writing of this name, but it is not difficult to remember the kindness of both hosts. Thanks to both for the meal and to John for the choice of the tasteful cheddar. The SOIREE VILLENEUVOISE at The Plough was a full success. The meal was prepared with the help of Xavier in the kitchen was delicious: onion soup, fish with tapanade, cassoulet with duck, cheese, dessert, coffee and chocolate. We listened to an accordion player and a guitar player who sung French chansons. There was a lot of noise in the room and French and English words fluttered through the restaurant, sign of good understanding. Edgar had prepared a talk with photographs giving a personal perspective on Villeneuve. After this little speech the French sang (once more!) the national anthem of southern France: Se canta, che cante. Edgar had prepared copies with an English translation so all guests could sing together the chorus-lines. A good sign of mutual understanding. We came back late in the night, tired but happy. We think this evening was the best event for the twinning between our two cities. Next morning John and Richard took us to the airport of Bristol. We were happy to have spent those days in common. We did not sing and we did not weep because we know we will meet again next year at the féria in Villeneuve. Meanwhile I think we shall exchange letters and perhaps we will call you (flat rate from VN to GB!). Once more many and great thanks to all of you for your kind welcome to your new half German, half French friends Ingrid and Edgar. Whenever you will come to Villeneuve and whenever we will be there and not in Goettingen, we will be your hosts with pleasure. Ingrid and Edgar Papp