We can watch the France-Wales match this Saturday on the big screen at the Golden Lion from 9am. Perhaps you’d tell Jean Bource for me ? At half-time the proprietor will serve bacon sandwiches (free) - it’s a traditional English sandwich. But one shoul;d eat breakfast beforehand ! Thankyou very much for the weekend. We had a very good time. We were very lucky to receive such a friendly welcome. Thank you to everyone, above all yourself, the town hall for the reception on Friday - Nathalie and all the Enfants Terribles for the meal on Friday evening, Jean Bource and the president of the rugby club for the reception at the showing of the match on the big screen on Saturday morning, and also, after the women’s match on Sunday, Norbert and Elizabeth for the tour and dinner on Saturday, and Edgar and Ingrid for dinner on Sunday evening. And also Hans, Christine (and above all Flocon !) for their welcome at Las Cigalas. Thank you again, everyone. It was a very enjoyable evening ............ Tim: I hope we’ll have a cricket match between Wrington and VLB at home !! It’s the 200th anniversary of the founding of Wrington Cricket Club in 2018. A celebration which I think should include a match between twins ??!! I hope you can understand my version of French ! If you need an English translation, please ask me. Perhaps you’d be able to point out to me the (many) grammatical errors, because we must learn the lessons for the return ! Until the next time, cordially yours, Phil                                                                                    www.wrington.net Our heroes give thanks !   On their return to Wrington, Phil composed the following message to Yves Blérard Léglise and, through him,  all the Villeneuvois who had given them such hospitality last weekend. Photographs of the various stages of the marathon ride Phil & Roger with M le Maire, Jean-Paul Galonnier ... in the clubhouse ...  watching a bit of (uncomfortable) rugby ... a nourishing trophy ? Place Capitole, Toulouse Hi Yves, This morning when I left the house, it was raining and the temperature was 15°C.I carried a mac for the first time for three weeks. When we left Bristol airport yesterday I was wearing a pullover for the first time in three weeks. Welcome to England !