Wrington Drama Club Spring Production           2nd-5th May, 2012: Pity about Kitty and Albert
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Albert by Richard Harris.   This second piece is a farcical comedy of confusion arising from the three characters speaking mutually unintelligible languages - English, Finnish and Italian. It shows up many cultural stereotypes leading to problems of communication - beyond the verbal ones ! The photographs are stills taken from the video recorded on the first night of the run.
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Left alone with the baby on my first night ... Mum, I'm so lonely Surprise, surprise ... the door was on the latch Au pair ? Ah, you're a painter Well, I've done a bit of pottery They've gone to the cinema Oh, they're riding their bikes, how healthy Yes, just for 3 months Surprise, surprise I gather you Scandinavians are very sexy You want to sit down ? Over there I need the lavatory. I haven't been since leaving Athens I'm the au pair Oh, flowers for me, how lovely I don't speak English, do you speak Italian You're a foreigner, aren't you ? DO YOU SPEAKO ENGLISHO ? Meo needo drinko Ah, I'm just having a chat with your husband Photos of my family - my wife. Your grandfather ? Are you the father of the baby upstairs ? The baby - how old is it ? Ah, football ! Bloody foreigners I must make the supreme sacrifice for Sicilian honour - BANG You British devil There's nothing like a chat to get round misunderstandings Does God smoke cigarettes ? Are you the father of my sister's baby ? More flowers, thank you