Burrington School                                  www.burrington.eschools.co.uk                 Mrs Sarah Josky  
Holy Trinity Church             www.burrington-pc.org.uk/holytrinity-church/         John Dixon, Churchwarden The big news this month is the appointment of David Gent to be the new rector of Wrington and vicar of Burrington. He was unanimously approved by the patrons and the parish representatives as well as Archdeacon Adrian and Bishop Ruth. He is currently vicar of Martock, where he has been for 10 years, and he has good experience of working with schools and young people. He is in his 40s and is married to Janet. They have already been over to look at the villages again since the appointment, and I bumped into them looking at Wrington church a few days ago. He has to give notice to Martock and it looks as though he will be able to move into Wrington rectory in April. His official licensing service will be in Wrington church at 7.00pm on Monday 4th June. The appoint-ment was made 8 months after Nicholas Maddock retired, and there was only another month to go before the appointment reverted to the diocese, no doubt with considerable delays. We also have a new headmistress of Burrington School with Sarah Josky, head of Wrington School, taking up the headship of Burrington part time. She certainly has a busy job and we wish her well in this lovely school. I showed our new vicar David round the parish before his appointment. He was particularly taken with the school, and he sat in on an “Open the Book” session, which he found very inspiring. Our thanks go to all the clergy and organists who have kept our services going well during last month. I am sorry to report Gerald Bird’s funeral on January 12th. The architect’s report on the quin-quennial examination of the church is here. We are still digesting it, but it seems there are no nasty and expensive surprises. I think we can thank Stephen Edwards for keeping on top of things and preventing troubles at an early stage. It looks as though there will be some inside and outside cosmetic work, which will freshen up the appearance. We will be keeping up with Wrington at a fraction of the cost!
As the new Headteacher at Burrington Church of England Primary, I have been so warmly welcomed into my new role by the whole community of the school. Thank you to everyone for their generous support. Although Burrington is a small school, it certainly offers enormous opportunities for children in their learning, both inside and outside the classroom. From the delightful nursery (the Cherry Buds) with its wonderful nurturing ethos and bespoke care through to the sheer diversity of experiences for the older children, Burrington Primary offers an educational setting for children to truly thrive as individuals. It has been lovely to talk to pupils to learn more about the school. One child described it as being in one enormous family! Children in reception (Cherry) class take part in forest school each week ably supported by a forest school teacher and other helpers. They have recently been busy collecting twigs to burn in their new-ly acquired kelly kettle which is used to heat the water to make their hot chocolate. The excitement of knights and castles has been filling the air in Birch class as they have been writing dramatic stories of dragons and in technology creating castle pictures with moving parts. Oak class have been putting their persuasive writing skills to the test with some fantastic results. There was a general disappointment that macaroni cheese had been removed from the lunch time menu so the children decided to write letters to the catering company to complain! A new menu has just arrived with macaroni cheese reinstated! Children in Maple class enjoyed an Egyptian Wow Day to kick off their new topic. They had fun making salt-dough hieroglyphics, 3D shadufs, sketching Egyptian Gods and designing and making 3D paper pyramids. There are lots of sporting opportunities for our children to participate in. We are very proud to say that we were awarded the School Games Gold Award in the summer. This followed our Y5/6 Quad-kids team winning silver medals at the Level 3 competition held at Bath University. We are lucky to have sports after-school clubs every day. With small class sizes, dedicated staff and an inspiring curriculum, not to mention its idyllic setting, children at Burrington Primary have a unique education. I feel very privileged to be part of this school, building on its wonderful traditions and exciting ambitions, and I look forward to working with the whole community to further develop this vibrant school. Come and see for yourselves why Burrington Primary is such a special primary school! Visitors are always welcome at the school, at one of a number of open days throughout the year; or you can make an appointment with Mrs Morris in the school office on 01761 462662