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At the end of May we played a friendly croquet match against the Weston-super-mare Croquet Club, at their Bleadon lawns. The team of six played two doubles and two singles games. We lost 3-1 in some evenly matched games, winning the last singles game by one hoop, after running six hoops on the final turn. If you have not played Croquet before, why not come along for a free taster session? We are happy to teach first-timers the basic rules and tactics of the game. All equipment is provided. We meet at the Wrington Recreation Ground at 2.30 pm every Thursday during the spring and summer months. If you would like to know more details, please contact me, or come along on any Thursday afternoon. John Rhodes 01934 862838
Wrington Vale Croquet Club, started in 2006, has had an active and enjoyable life so far. With 20 members (although not all are regular players) we meet every Thursday afternoon during the summer at Wrington Recreation ground. Croquet is a game that has a number of varieties, played on either a full-sized (48yard by 32yard) 'court' or a half- sized court. It is thought to have evolved from the game 'paille-maille' played in Languedoc, France in the 13th century. It came to England in the early 19th century and was one of the most popular outdoor sports by 1850. It is becoming very popular again and there are several active clubs in Somerset, Nailsea and Glastonbury being two of the best. There is also an excellent club in Bristol. Croquet is not just a game for the aged with time on their hands. Many young people have developed great skill and play at international level. It is uncomplicated but, even at the lower levels, requires thought, a reasonable eye and definitely a sense of humour! We do not play regular matches against other clubs, although we have played a friendly at Weston super Mare and are entering a team for a Croquet Challenge at Nailsea. If you are looking for a pastime which is not too strenuous, is played in the open air, requires only a modicum of skill (and with very pleasant people!) please join us. If you would like more details please contact either John Rhodes on 862838.
Croquet is nothing if not a tactical game …..
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