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On 4th February Christ Church held a Plough Service on Regilbury Park Farm. We blessed the Plough, Cows & Sheep, Farmers and Farm Workers, the fields and the crops. We finished the service with a mug of hot cider whilst watching the cows being milked. A good time was had by all. But many would say the timing was wrong. Ploughing is now done immediately after harvest, not in the new year. May be, but it is good to spread out such celebrations and it is tradition. Tradition is the excuse for doing a lot of things when we do them. We are now in the time of Lent, leading up to Easter. By tradition the date of Easter depends upon the Lunar Calendar. There is no theological reason behind this, and it messes with the school holidays, but we seem to like these idiosyncrasies. Certainly, many would think something lost if we just fixed Easter on a set date each year. The church has many such traditions, especially around Easter. They can give rise to much debate as to the reasons behind them, such as why churches put veils over crosses during the last fortnight of Lent. We can either, just carry on doing them because we always have, or we can question such traditions. I am in favour of questioning traditions in order to learn more about the thing itself. This approach can be applied to Easter. Christians understand that through His death and resurrection Jesus won for all of us the for-giveness of our sins and the promise of life after death. This is God’s gift to us all, if we will but accept it. How this works and what ‘Life after Death’ might look like are, of course, is a mystery. This is probably why so many strange traditions have grown up around Easter. However, it is through engaging with these traditions that we can learn more about Easter and the promises of Jesus. The point is, we don’t just repeat the traditions of Easter because we always have, but to learn more about the mystery of Easter. This is why, each year, we celebrate Easter Day as if it were the first Easter Day. That way we come closer to the truth, and the wonder, and the reality of God’s promises. Come and share in our Joy at this festival of wonder. May we all share in the joy of New Life. Andrew ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Every 4th Wednesday  10.30am-12.30pm Coffee’n’Company An pop-up café providing an opportunity to catch up with                                                                     friends and meet new ones over coffee and cake Every 4th Sunday  4pm-5pm Storytime A time to explore Bible stories for primary aged children and their families Alternate Thursdays  2pm-3.30pm The Tot Spot  Come and have some fun with other young parents and their toddlers ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ We are holding a Ploughman’s Lunch on Saturday, 3rd March 12.00 – 1.30pm. Tickets £6.50 to include ploughmans, pudding, tea/coffee. For tickets telephone 01934 863058, or 862778 , 863080 Singing for Fun Our next Singing for Fun will be held at Christ Church, Redhill, on Tuesday 20 March starting at 7pm. Despite the weather numbers doubled at our January session so the volume doubled and we had a great time. No singing or musical skills are required and everyone is welcome to join us for an evening of fun with a well deserved refreshment break. Please bring any favourite CDs and the words if possible. We look forward to seeing everyone. Enquiries to Tina Hillis 07835806555
Redhill WI - Liz Shorney Saturday, 31st March, 2pm – 4pm Easter Egg Hunt. Easter Bonnet Parade – prizes for best child and best adult bonnet. Refreshments available. Easter Egg Hunt - £1.50 per entry. Raising money for Redhill WI. Visit our Facebook page <@redhillWI> for further information.