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A full Memorial Hall listened to an illustrated description of the Shared Space philosophy for urban and village street
planning by architect/designer Ben Hamilton-Baillie. These photographs are stills taken from the DVD recording of the
event made for use by anyone interested in the debate, but unable to attend the meeting. Loan of the DVD may be
arranged by e-mail to
The presentation provoked many questions demonstrating viewpoints both for and against, for the Parish Council to
take into account. The day after the meeting the following e-mail and photographs were received from Phil Parker:
”You will have seen the various paint marks in the village.
These are to locate new ‘tactile paving’ in the village
courtesy of the highways authority like this, intended
to help the blind and partially sighted to locate a
suitable place to cross.
This is essential in urban areas where this is a problem. Is this required in Wrington? Or is it just another example of
the creeping suburbanisation of the village without respect to the village character or addressing the needs of the
village? And the inevitable slide to become a clone of every other town/village in the area? Expect to see these
ultimately at every junction in the village with a footpath at the cost of many thousands of pounds. Could this money
be spent more wisely in the village streets? 
These paint marks brilliantly illustrate how a ‘do-nothing’ approach intended to keep things the same in the village is
not an option.
Expect high bus boarder access kerbs next like this to
be installed at the bus stops in Broad Street that the
buses can rarely access.
And then what……………road humps, flashing traffic
signs, red paint…………….etc etc. We need a
change in philosophy urgently.
If you wish to make a point on any aspect of the Shared Space discussion, e-mail
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