I am going to Luhimba for 10 weeks where I hope to teach in the local Primary schools and the Secondary school. After my time in Luhimba I'm treating myself to a 6 week trip to South Africa which luckily for me coincides with the football World Cup! I've always been interested in visiting Africa and possibly 'giving something back' in the form of volunteer work. When my Mum told me about the Luhimba project in Tanzania I checked out the website and instantly knew it was somewhere I wanted to go. I have friends who have previously volunteered in parts of Eastern Africa and having heard all about it, I knew that it was something I'd have to see and experience myself. Paul Temple showed me the photos of Luhimba and Tanzania and it has fuelled my enthusiasm to get out there and see it. I might see Hippo's, Giraffe's and such on the 16 hour journey to the village from Dar es Salaam. It doesn't get much better than that for me.   My parents are very jealous of the opportunity. They're intrigued by how I will cope with with no Internet, no facebook, and no Premiership football, but I'm sure I'll manage. I'm not sure what I will be able to achieve in my short time there, maybe just a desire to go back there again, as so many people do. Whatever it may be, I'm sure I'll come home and not stop talking about it for weeks. Wrington resident Chris Dunning leaves today for a stay in the Tanzanian town of Luhimba. The Luhimba Project, set up by the late Michael Carey of Wrington, supports financially a truly impressive programme of self-help improvement, entirely determined by the residents of Luhimba themselves. Since before Michael Carey’s death, the management of the Project has been the life’s work of former Wrington School headteacher, Paul Temple. His invitation to Chris to visit the town continues a rolling programme of two-way contacts which Paul has brought about, especially involving North Somerset schools. Full details are on the Luhimba website. It’s hoped Chris will be able to keep us updated on his activities, and he kindly offered the following thoughts on his departure - Ed. Christopher Dunning