Appreciation of the production, which appeared in the Village Journal, February, 2011 Julie Kingcott, the director of this season's New Year combined production for Wrington Youth Drama and Wrington Drama club, has achieved the seemingly impossible task of deploying to good effect a large number of young, in some cases very young, actors. Full houses at every performance were enthralled. Equal mention must be made in this respect of Laura Leggett, the choreographer, who ensured there was some highly polished dancing - the sensuous sirens springing alliteratively to mind. However, it wasn't all chorus work. Martha Graham as Wendy showed herself straight off to be a star in the making. Her delightful voice, notably her singing with the lost boys pleading with her to become their mother, was touchingly memorable, doing justice to Rachel Walker's musical composition. Similarly successful was her duet with Tim Walsh (Peter), bringing out the wistful tenderness of a first love. Rachel’s piano playing also supplied a musical analogy to the twinkling lights between scenes, thus maintaining the overall sense of whimsy during the necessary stage work, which was elegantly achieved largely thanks to inspired set design. This atmosphere was also assisted by the discreet level of lighting during most of the show - although it meant the quality of the still photographs taken for the website from the video shot on Thursday evening were not as clear as usual. Nevertheless, this is no drawback for the resulting DVD, where what ultimately counts is the overall impact of music, lighting, choreography, combined with strong solo performances by the likes of Alan Milne (Hook), Jim Swords (Smee), and secure ensemble work (special mention for the pirates). Finally, it should be noted that the whole cast only just escaped being upstaged by Barnaby (Nana), an actor very much in the Dulux tradition. RT