The lighting level of this show was mostly low  - for good production reasons. This means the screen shots from the video are not of normal quality Click thumbnail to enlarge Tinkerbell sets the scene Tinkerbell with the other fairies Mr & Mrs Darling must keep the window open Wendy tells John & Michael a story ... which Father puts an end to Wendy sings ... ... Peter Pan comes looking for Tinkerbell Peter Pan throws some fairy dust Pirates meet the Indians Hook and his cronies lay their plans Hook scans the horizon The crew set up their cannon Captain Hook's hook is "handy for combing your hair" They practice their swordplay The pirate band plays on They fire their cannon Hook challenges Peter Pan The boys regret the arrow which 'killed' Wendy ... ... but it was deflected by the 'kiss' Peter had given her Oh, Wendy, please be our mother ... ... you will ? Hurrah ! The lost boys ask Tinkerbell for news Peter and the others listen to her singing about being their mother The spell-binding ... ... and saucily seductive ... ... siren sisters swing it about