Wrington WI Olympic Torch reaches Wrington              Tuesday, 29th May, 2012
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Wrington WI President receives torch from Congresbury.  Chris Parnham and the Congresbury President effect the handover in the Congresbury - Wrington leg of the ‘Olympic’ torch relay organised by Avon Federation of WIs. Due in Barrow Gurney on 18th June, the torch leaves Wrington for Langford-Burrington on Thursday, 31st May. This handover - and accompanying strawberry and buck’s fizz - took place on the Wrington-Congresbury boundary in the superb setting of Iwood Manor, hosted by Dan and Liz Lloyd and family.                                                                                                                                              Photos Veronica Thorn  
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Awaiting the torch's arrival ... ... and here's the Congresbury team ... ... let's raise a glass ... ... or two ... ... and enjoy the scenery Thursday, 31st May, 2012  Handover to Langford-Burrington Mainly the Wrington party ... ... mainly Langford-Burrington ... ... and the Wrington team demonstrate their fields of sporting prowess
Wrington WI relay team stages from Broad Street to Langford.  The Wrington relay team assembled in the Memorial Hall carpark for the pinning on of the labels which identified the Olympic sport they were representing. The legs of the relay were designed to suit each runner’s level of puff, and ranged from 3 stages in Broad Street to single stages from Butts Orchard to the yellow brick road, and from there to the parish pump at Langford. Once at their destination, Presifdents Chris Parnham (Wrington) and Jill Hale (Langford-Burrington0 effected the handover.  
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