Wrington Pre-School Open Evening               Friday, 27th March, 2015
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Ros Wrightson, Pre-School Chair and committee members Martin Hodgson, CEO YMCA Somerset Coast Natalie Purkiss, N. Somerset Child Care Advisor Pre-School finances .... Inspection report Ofsted report Committee roles & responsibilities Pre-School structure Conversations at comment posters ....
In the light of some of the child-care activities planned by YMCA Somerset Coast at Barley Wood, the Pre-School Committee held this open evening so that anyone interested could find out more about how possible developments at Barley Wood could impact on their own future, given the present and future circumstances facing the Pre-School. Ros Wrightson invited comments and questions on post-it notes to be stuck on sheets on the walls around the hall, containing prompts on a range of issues. There were also displays giving important basic facts about the structure and performance of the Pre-school. She briefly introduced the purpose of the occasion - to gather the thoughts of all those interested, to inform an emergency general meeting of the Pre-school being held in a fortnight. Similarly brief opening comments from Natalie Purkiss, North Somerset Childcare Advisor, and Martin Hodgson, CEO of YMCA Somerset Coast, were followed by informal discussions. It is to be hoped that this well-structured, but delightfully relaxed occasion, results in informed decision-making leading to a continued healthy early years provision in Wrington.
Information Evening Questions on posters - answers received Why did you choose Wrington preschool? Price? Staff? Location? Hours? Activities? Location Peer group, chance to mix with other children from the village Reputation Community values Hours What might be off-putting about a new preschool? Location – if can’t walk there easily Minibus – worried about communication/feedback at end of day. Is one “host” enough to provide adequate feedback at end of day to 9 potential parents? Also, are there enough places on bus? No proven track record of achievement Less community focus Distance from village facilities   What would attract you to Barley Wood? Price? Staff? Location? Hours? Activities? Forest school Longer hours, more practical for working parents Creativity Age specific spaces A permanent fixed space dedicated to a preschool where staff are not having to set up/pack away equipment every day Freedom to use space as required Setting and grounds Quality of staff Quality of environment If none of the existing preschool staff remained at Wrington Preschool would you still consider it? No, the staff (and parent committee) make the preschool what it is, they are fab If staff:child ratios were reduced I would have concerns It would depend on the breadth of experience of the staff that replaced them What would you look for in a new preschool for your child? Setting Ethos Activities available Professionalism of staff, with good reputation Ability to get there on foot Friendliness with supportive learning Indoor and outdoor opportunities Forest school Local children attending What are the limitations of Wrington Preschool currently? The kitchen The cost of the hall The outside space Diminishing finances The short hours available Do you feel a committee led preschool is a practical management structure, particularly with the commitment it entails? It’s perfect for preserving the strong community ethic and parent involvement in this village Only if volunteers can afford the time commitment, and have suitable experience in dealing with management issues If none of the existing Wrington Preschool Staff moved to Barley Wood, would you still consider it? No, definitely not Yes How would you address the current financial difficulties of Wrington Preschool, if it continues in the Memorial Hall? Apply to the Airport Fund? It would be helpful to see how the preschool would look with: 20 children 10 children 5 children How many staff (+/-volunteers?) would be needed? [The committee will endeavor to have the answer to this available to view at the EGM] What do you feel would be the impact on the community and village if Wrington Preschool was no longer in the Memorial Hall? There could be a loss of trade for local shops There could be more availability of the hall that could bring other opportunities There could be a loss of “village life”/community There could be a loss of the memorial hall, and the activities that go on there