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This voume starts with a shot of the plaque on a seat in the paddock gifted to Wrington by Mike Bush before his premature death. Track 1 25"‘ August, 1987 Bugler’s Off-Licence. Jim Bugler, son of Bernie, who originally owned the business, and the Station Road Newsagents susbequently run by J & J Thomas, and was landlord of The Plough. Jim talks about prices, knowing your customers, and videos. Track 2 25"“ August, 1987 VG Foodstore (subsequently taken over by Wrington Pharmacy when they moved from the former Wrington Chemist shop on the other corner of the turn into Lawrence Road) Look out for the Revd Dennis Bennett, former priest-in-charge Christ Church, Redhill, and hear about making sandwiches and baking bread. Track 3 25"“ August, 1987 Carol Ann. Mrs Barber (daughter-in-law of the owner) took over the shop for a while, when her mother-in- law retired. The discussion includes Sale time for ladies’ fashions in Broad Street. Track 4 25"" August, 1987 Richards Stores. The shop was ‘front of house’ of the garage run by Mostyn and Brian Richards, the shop being run by Gloria, and daughter, Jean, keeping stock of a mind-blowing range of goods. Track 5 215‘ May, 1988 Wedding of Patrick Keegan & Ruth Edwards. Patrick was the Godson of Rector Derek Hooper. Organist Howard Biggs arrives on his tricycle. Howard knew the ‘proper’ chant for every psalm in the book off by heart. His business had been as a monumental mason, and he was notorious in his early days for the speed with which he rode his motor bike. Even now, riding his tricycle out into Broad Street from The Triangle, it was clear he thought of the roads being as empty of other traffic as the village had been in his youth. He was known to make the Rector cry with laughter at his imitation of the pink panther at the annual choir dinners. The happy couple depart in pony and trap + serenading guitarists . Track 5 1“ May, 1989 Wrington mini-marathon. Many familiar faces, among them a couple of Milne brothers and Bill Lord. Local reporter Mervyn Davies takes some snaps - he turns up again a couple of times in Volume 5 ! Track 6 1“ May, 1989 WI Silent Auction. ‘Silent’ isn’t really the word as even more familiar faces find bargains in the Memorial Hall. Track 7 28th May, 1989 Princess Di visits Barley Wood. Quite a build-up to her arrival as coaches bring the whole school, all their mums have their handbags searched, and Ken & Eve Collins are finally presented - along with one or two other dignitaries and the staff of the rehabilitation and treatment centre.
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