Click thumbnail to enlarge John, George and Tiger Lily bound and taunted by the pirates A strange voice tricks the pirates into releasing them The lost boys and Indians rescue them but just as Hook gains the upper hand, he hears the ticking croc. The witchdoctors go through their routine and are joined by the others Peter muses on why anyone should want to be a man Meanwhile, Mr & Mrs Darling remain grief-stricken ... ... and remorseful ... and cannot console each other ... which Hook finds it hard to believe Smee assures Hook his crew don't hate him and presses Wendy to say what she really wants Peter and Hook duel Wendy tells the children a story She can't get the response from Peter she's hoping for He can't concede to her ... ... nor she to him The pirates steathily abduct the children Hook tells Wendy 'join us or else' .. Tinkerbell's too fast for Peter The pirates threaten the children ... Peter and Hook's final showdown despite her first kiss from Peter, Wendy says they must return home ... at which Peter orders 'splice the mainbrace and head for London' ... even to the extent of affording a welcome to all the lost boys ... So the children are safe, much to their parents' relief and joy ... ... and because Wendy won't concede, Hook picks on George ... impasse ... but Peter's ruefully not for settling down 'Nanna' takes her (his) bow ... ... as do his fellow actors